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Guild Wars 2 Guides: How to Make Trailblazer's Items? | Gw2
Published: 2 years ago
Since a lot of people have been asking me about this, i made up a quick tutorial video on how to make Trailblazer's items. Hope you enjoy it and thanks for ...
Guild Wars 2: Tribute to Robert Gee ft. Scepter Changes | Necromancer WvW Roaming | Gw2
Published: 2 years ago
A tribute to Robert Gee, the Dev who actually care and listen to necro community. And thanks for the scepter changes! Hope you enjoy it and thanks for watching.
GW2 - Donee [Core Ranger / Druid] Vol. 3 | WvW Roaming | Outnumbered
Published: 3 months ago
Trying out this axe build since recent changes on the weapon's damage. Still a lot to do, but its fun. Hope you enjoy it and thanks for watching. # Build: ...
GW2: How to BREAK the Bar! - Reaper | Necromancer | Guild Wars 2
Published: 2 years ago
I noticed that a couple, if not, a lot of players doesn't know how it works or how to break it. Some of them asked me about via private message and stuff, so here it ...
GW2 - Donee [Firebrand] - How i fight a scourge
Published: 6 months ago
So, i ran into this scourge twice and thought of using the footage to show how it works against it. Hope you enjoy it and thanks for watching. # Build: Greatsword ...
GW2 - Donee [Firebrand] Vol. 1 | Spvp Ranked
Published: 6 months ago
i decided to record one of the very first spvp ranked match i did starting this season. Hope you enjoy it and thanks for watching. # Build: ...
Published: 18 days ago
Since i've seen a lot of videos on these queen gauntlet's bosses, decided to make one at soulbeast which seems kinda rare to see around. I took a route that is ...
Donee D/D Elementalist Roaming Montage Guild Wars 2
Published: 4 years ago
Having fun while solo roaming in Jade Quarry WvWvW, being in outnumbered fights with my D/D Elementalist. Hope everyone enjoy as i did.
Published: 3 years ago
Wanted to share my build, i haven't great gear as you can see but the class is just amazing. Thanks for watching! Build/Guide link: ...
Guild Wars 2: Reaper First Impression in PvE + Build [BWE3] Necromancer | Gw2
Published: 2 years ago
So in BWE3 i decided to take my reaper into pve, which i rarely do. I must say i enjoyed it a lot, is such a huge improvement compared to necromancer. Let me ...
GW2 - Queen's Gauntlet : LIADRI | SOULBEAST GUIDE
Published: 12 days ago
killing that nasty liadri on Soulbeast. Hope you enjoy it and thanks for watching. # Social Medias: Follow the Social Medias for extra benefits! Facebook: ...
GW2: Condition Reaper Build for Fractal & Dungeons - 11/14/2015 | Necromancer | PVE | Guild Wars 2
Published: 2 years ago
I am here to share the condition Reaper build i've been running in fractals lately. Its pretty competitive compared to others, even offering some group support.
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