Dennis Baldwin

FrSky Taranis 3 Flight Modes and Forced Failsafe Override with DJI NAZA on QAV400 Quadcopter
Published: 4 years ago
This video shows how to setup your FrSky Taranis and DJI NAZA for three flight modes on Channel 5. The modes I configure in this video are: - GPS Attitude ...
Upgrading Stock Taranis Firmware to OpenTX 2.0.15
Published: 3 years ago
I've been flying my Taranis with the stock firmware for way too long. Finally I downloaded a FireFLY6 model profile and was forced to upgrade to Open TX 2.0 ...
FrSky Taranis and X8R Receiver SBUS Setup w/ NAZA Flight Controller
Published: 4 years ago
A simple howto for setting up SBUS with your FrSky Taranis and X8R with a DJI NAZA multirotor flight controller.
Turnigy 9XR 3 Position Switch for Different Flight Modes w/ NAZA Lite and TBS Discovery Quadcopter
Published: 4 years ago
This is a TBS Discovery & NAZA Lite build using the Turnigy 9XR. I'm doing this configuration for Solider53Flyer. He wanted to use the Turnigy 9XR 3 position ...
APM/Pixhawk Tips for Good Loitering
Published: 3 years ago
I wanted to share some tips that I feel are important for improving your loiter flight mode with APM and Pixhawk. The in-depth segments covered in this video can ...
FrSky Taranis Elevon/Delta Mixing for Tuffwing 32" Flying Wing
Published: 4 years ago
I wanted to share how I setup elevon mixing for my Tuffwing over the weekend. This worked great and I was able to fly with the configuration used in this video.
EC5 Connector Tips From the Garage
Published: 3 years ago
This is the recent process I've been using to install my EC5 female connectors. I recently bought this set of connectors and have ruined many of them in the ...
FrSky Taranis Buddy Box aka Trainer Mode Setup with a Turnigy 9X
Published: 4 years ago
This video demonstrates how to setup your FrSky Taranis in trainer mode with a Turnigy 9X as the slave. It took me a long while to figure this out so hopefully it ...
Why I'm Switching to the DU-BRO Tru-Spin Prop Balancer from Top Flite Powerpoint Magentic Balancer
Published: 4 years ago
DU-BRO Tru-Spin Prop Balancer: Top Flite Powerpoint Balancer: I've been using the Top Flite Powerpoint prop ...
KK2.0 Multicopter ESC Calibration, Motor Layout, and Auto-Level w/ Default Settings on AeroSky Quad
Published: 5 years ago
This is a continuation in a series of getting an AeroSky Quadcopter running with the KK 2.0 board. The first video walked through the KK2.0 firmware upgrade: ...
4-in-1 Q Brain ESC Calibration on QuadLugs Frame & HK Pilot Flight Controller
Published: 4 years ago
Getting closer to finishing up this build. I wanted to share the process to do a 4-in-1 calibration with the ESC throttle hub that came with the Q Brain ESC. Danny ...
Turnigy 9X Stock Firmware 6 Position Switch for 6 Flight Modes with APM 2.5 and Mission Planner
Published: 4 years ago
This video shows you how to get 6 flight modes for APM 2.5 with a Turnigy 9X transmitter and stock firmware. This is a follow-up to my original vid that shows ...
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