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FAN FILM: I Married A Power Ranger
Published: 3 years ago
BLOOPERS: Here's my first video sketch with my wife, Jillian! Check out how it's like for her to live with a Real Power Ranger...
VLOG: Marvel Skype Surprise with Chris Evans and Captain America Civil War Cast
Published: 2 years ago
This was probably the biggest secret I had to keep, ever! Here's how Team Cap appreciates their fans, and I'm so lucky and honored to be a part of it... Well, just ...
DRUM COVER: Power Rangers In Space
Published: 3 years ago
Power Rangers In Space is one of my favorite seasons! And since I had the costume already, I wanted to try out doing a drum cover in a full suit! What do you ...
FAN FILM: Sneaky Emotions
Published: 2 years ago
"When Chris' plan to scare Jill backfires, he recruits the help of his nephew Damien to finish the job. Unfortunately, emotions get in the way…" Express your ...
VLOG: Huge Power Rangers Collection! [MMPRtoys]
Published: 1 year ago
While I was in Los Angeles for Power Morphicon, I visited Bruno and Mia in their house and saw their awesome collection! MMPRtoys Channel: ...
INTERVIEW: Chris Evans and Cast of Captain America Civil War
Published: 2 years ago
Here are some excerpts from my One on One interviews with Chris Evans, Anthony Mackie, Sebastian Stan, and Joe Russo for Captain America Civil War!
FAN FILM: How To Impress A Power Ranger - feat. Jason David Frank (The Original Green Ranger)
Published: 8 months ago
When I heard that Jason David Frank was coming to the Philippines, I knew I had to meet him... But I also had to impress him as well! Unfortunately, my nephew ...
VLOG: Where I buy Power Ranger Helmets
Published: 1 year ago
There are a lot of costume makers out there, but this one's close to home... literally! :) KAMEN RIDER NIMOY Facebook Page: Subscribe to ...
GIVEAWAY: 100,000 Subscribers (Winners announced!)
Published: 2 years ago
Congratulations to: Mico Yabut - Blue Dino Charge Helmet Jose Guevarra- Red MMPR helmet That Guy from that thing - VR headset ThePinkscream - VR ...
FAN FILM: Lightspeed Lesson - feat. Alison MacInnis [Power Rangers]
Published: 11 months ago
BLOOPERS: When Dana Mitchell asks you to help her with her Lightspeed Rescue Morphing Sequence, you say yes... right?
FAN FILM: Time In Space - feat. Eric Ejercito [Back To The Future/Power Rangers]
Published: 2 years ago
BLOOPERS: "When Marty Mcfly suddenly gets sucked into an alternate 2015, he gets help adjusting to the current times from a ...
UNBOX: White Ranger Movie Morpher
Published: 3 years ago
I had a couple of minutes to spare while waiting for my fiancee to arrive at our wedding venue. So.... It's Unboxing Time!!! :) Subscribe to my YouTube channel!
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